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I always dreamt about owning my own business, being in charge of my own work and schedule, and learning something new almost every day while witnessing the growth of the business. And though being an entrepreneur often sounds like a lot of fun, I soon came to realize that it definitely also is a very challenging way of life.

Nevertheless, even though entrepreneurship is filled with daily challenges, it is also a very fulfilling way of life. And that’s essentially how Lunalabs came to life: a group of friends who felt the urge to build something, craved to always keep learning, and to feel that feeling of fulfilment when a project goes well and a client is happy.

And because we know that every beginning is hard, we happily offer an Entrepreneur Package for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as a Corona Aid Package for Small Businesses.

Feel free to also simply reached out for consultation or advice, or simply out of curiosity. We are always happy to connect and to help!

David J. K. Tofan
David J. K. Tofan
Digital Consultant

I am a self-proclaimed world-citizen with an entrepreneurial spirit.